Don’t count on the grandparents to babysit when the Rolling Stones hit your city because it is likely they will be boogieing downtown to see the group that has been rocking-and-rolling for one-half a century. They probably are already yearning for those familiar tunes, mostly compiled 40 years ago; the band released 21 albums during their first 25 years, and in the last 25, just four. (A direct contrast to the equally popular band, U2 who continue to provide new material- both are on tour this year). “Zip Code,” their first U.S. stadium gigs since 2007, started in San Diego on May 24th and will conclude in Buffalo, NY on July 11th (They are doing a show in Quebec on July 15th). The tour name dates back to the Stone’s “Sticky Fingers,” and the band is promising a lot of interaction with the crowd, so tell your parents to bring their walkers, and lots and lots of money- this self-promoting band is not cheap. If you “Can’t Get any Satisfaction” from the concert itself, the band will have plenty of souvenirs, merchandise, and other Rolling Stone trinkets on hand at the shows.

Rolling Stones

To put things in perspective, the promoters for the Beatles 1965 Shea Stadium concert, the largest of its kind at the time, with over 55,000 in attendance, took in $304,000. The Rolling Stones amassed over $800 million in live revenue from 1999 to 2009 alone (Do you still have “Sympathy for the Devil”?). The high ticket prices have left many fans disgruntled, especially their aging fan base, who would like to see the band one last time for old-times-sake. “Official Platinum” seats for the Arlington, Texas concert (June 6th), were going for as high as $3,032.32. Otherwise, you could get cheaper tickets starting at $125.00- bring your binoculars grandma- you will need them!  And kids, do not worry about the folks getting home too late, they will not have enough money left over to do any post-concert partying.

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