Gun Owners in Minnesota May Lose Their Guns if Biden is Elected

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“Gun sales year-to-date in 2020 already surpass the total number of guns sold for all of 2019.

FBI figures provide an indicator of the surge in year-to-date gun sales, showing 28,826,449 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) requests from January 2020 through September 2020, versus 28,369,750 for all of 2019,” Breitbart reports.

A substantial portion of these gun sales and applications for background checks have occurred in Minnesota.

Given Biden’s evident anti-second-amendment stance, we hope that these gun buyers and applicants will vote for Trump—an ardent supporter of the second amendment.   

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  1. Bob Miller says

    According to a report by Campus Reform, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently passed a resolution that calls on administrators to remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln. The resolution argues that the statue is a “racist re! remnant” of ‘white supremacy,’”
    Breitbart reports.

    America’s soul is on the ballot. Vote Trump!!

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