Gun Sales Markedly Spike, New Owners Should Read the Country’s Gun Laws

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There has been an increase in gun sales in the country this year. The online firearms retailer said that it experienced a 309% increase in revenue from February 23 to March 15 compared to the previous 22 days. As of April 1, the site reports it experienced a 792% increase in revenue from February 23 to March 31.

The statistics also establish that a large percent of the gun buyers are being purchased by first-time pistol owners.

It seems prudent to quickly review a couple of gun-related issues that have recently pervaded the country. If the purchase is being made for protection purposes, gun laws in all the states should be examined to make sure one doesn’t run afoul of the law. 

Also, gun buyers should be aware of which states allow a citizen to stand your ground in situations where they use a weapon. The difference in state laws could mean facing a lengthy prison sentence.

In ordinary self-defense cases, where the shooter kills someone, many states provide that the shooting may be justified * when necessary to resist or prevent an offense which the actor reasonably believes exposes the actor or another to great bodily harm or death.” 

Some courts have set forth conditions that must exist before a successful claim of self-defense can be made: Here is some sample language.

(1) The killing must have been done in the belief that it was necessary to avert death or grievous bodily harm.

(2) The judgment of the defendant as to the gravity of the peril to which he was exposed must have been reasonable under the circumstances.

(3) The defendant’s election to kill must have been such as a reasonable man would have made in light of the danger to be apprehended.

We strongly suggest that gun owners review the statutes and rules applicable in their state.

 Also, the laws about the transfer of guns through other states should be read. Although classes are required in some states before an owner can legally conceal a weapon, other states do not require such courses.


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