Harvesting Votes and the Potential for Fraud–Biden Favors it Because he Likely Would Benefit

Harvesting is a practice in which a voter fills out an absentee ballot, seals it in an envelope, and does all the required security checks, like signing the back of the envelope. So, election experts can verify who voted. Then they entrust it to another person, who drops off the ballot at a mail center or ballot drop-off location. Washington Post

California passed a highly criticized law in 2016, allowing a third party to collect ballots. Biden favors that practice.

The Post article notes, the potential for fraud comes in when you raise questions about the collector’s intentions. Could they be motivated not to deliver the ballot once they collected it, especially if they are of a different political party than the voter?

Arizona says only a family member, household member, or caregiver can return your ballot. Republicans in Congress have pushed for the same federal restrictions. And Montana limited the number of ballots people can collect and drop off to six.

We favor the Arizona practice. Otherwise, the potential for fraud is too great. We definitely are against mass mailings to voter rolls. The ballots could easily end up in the hands of anyone. Ballots should be sent to people who have requested them. Biden favors the practice where the potential for fraud exists because he would benefit from it –especially where mass mailouts exist.

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