Thousands of supporters gathered this week on New York City’s Roosevelt Island to hear Hillary Clinton claim that American can only succeed if “everyday American’s” succeed, and she promised to “make the economy work for everyday Americans, not just those at the top”, if she is elected. She went on to say, “Prosperity can’t be just for CEO’s and hedge fund managers; democracy can’t be just for billionaires and corporations”. Clinton (67), was upbeat and energetic, and hedged off concern of her age by quipping, “You will not see my hair grow white in office, I’ve been coloring it for years”. At one point, hubby Bill Clinton, shared the stage and hugged his wife, much to the very audible support of the forgiving audience that was packed with Hillary supporters. Her speech appeared designed to slow her declining approval rates with the general public, but lacked details about how she would accomplish her goals. She also steered clear of the Clinton wealth and foundation issues that seem to place her personal lifestyle at odds with the lives of “everyday Americans”. Although she generically declares her opposition to millionaires and rich leaders of corporations, she refuses to discuss how such people and entities have helped her personally to share the same status of the richest people in the United States. Once her audiences are not staged with active supporters, many who are focused on special interest issues, she will be forced to do some real “splaining”.

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