As the 2016 campaign takes shape, Hillary Clinton is well placed to assume the role of the Democratic front-runner; her hubby Bill has been busy as a bee courting moderate Democrats, wealthy contributors, Hollywood types, and labor unions in an attempt to sew-up her endorsement. While his progress has been considerable, the Clinton’s effusive effrontery directed at the Obama base has served to slow them down. That is not to say that Hillary cannot attract liberals, she surely will, including many African-Americans; the Clinton’s have an impressive record of support for liberal causes of all types. Moreover, Hillary is certain to be popular with Democratic women, and she has an impressive curriculum vitae- former First Lady (co-president), U.S. Senator, presidential candidate and Secretary of State. Even Benghazi will not hinder her efforts because the CIA’s clandestine operations in place there at the time tended to shift or deflect the blame from her to the President; the whole issue is sufficiently clouded so as to diminish virtually all adverse impact on Hillary. But Hillary’s real problem lies not with her past political problems rather her biggest negative is her personal demeanor; she comes off as a nagging and bitchy woman (men can be bitchy too) at times- the type many men and women cringe at. This description of Clinton’s demeanor is not a novel indictment- her sometimes pushy and “know-it-all” attitude has followed her for years. I cringe at some of the speeches she has made over the years- screaming in a fanatic and well, ultra bitchy manner. She can be hard to listen to- especially if you only have a moderate appreciation for the cause she’s pushing at the time. She cannot and will not attract moderate and undecided voters if she continues in this style. I have broached the subject of Hillary’s demeanor with a wide spectrum of potential voters; I fully intended to affirm what I already suspected- that skilled (but not college graduates) would find her too abrasive. However, the spectrum turned out to be much wider including male and female college graduates. I also suspect that she loses many union members for the same reason. Given the fact that she is likely to lose a fair amount of the black vote because of the riff with Obama, she cannot long afford to continue her present demeanor. Surprisingly, it appears that she is losing some ground with academic liberals- especially if Elizabeth Warren is in the picture (some are suggesting that Obama’s team is courting Warren). For Hillary to win, she needs to act more compassionate. Clinton has to show that she has a genuine heart for all people, not just those she is trying to persuade at the moment- she is going to get much of the feminist vote regardless, so much of the attention directed towards these issues should be displaced with a moderate and heartfelt appeal to undecided voters. She needs to, again and again, demonstrate how she can be sensitive and well, even cry where appropriate- as she did during her early primary campaign for President when she was being counted out; her popularity surged after that incident because she came off as a “real” and caring person. (Crying ain’t a sign of weakness). She needs to do that more often if she wants to win.

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