Regardless of whether Hillary Clinton violated any federal laws regarding her use of private emails, or whether she has used this practice to circumvent fact finders from discovering potentially unfavorable details about her operations while Secretary of State- including Benghazi- she has once again demonstrated that, at a minimum, she is slippery. But that is nothing new- the Clinton’s have always invited controversy and seem to revel in the aftermath of putting out the fires in any manner possible- they thrive on being ascetic. The fact that they always seem to worm out of their messes is recondite. It is true that many people simply have an antipathy towards Hillary; some feel she is too bitchy and pernicious towards men in general- but many in this group wouldn’t support her anyway and the email and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation controversies, really don’t matter much where they are concerned. The problem for Hillary is that members of the liberal press are taking aim at her, and seem to indicate that she may have an inability to change her less than righteous behaviors. Even those that typically defend her, at all times- she’s sitting between a scandal and a non-story– are slightly backing away from her. Then there are the conservatives that claim the Democrats are waging a war against women as they did against Hillary in 2008. Punditry aside, she is being attacked by all sides and some are wondering who might replace her. We don’t think she should quit and our polls support this position-   the same pollsters that predicted Dewey’s win over Truman. But we do renew our suggestion that Hillary needs to focus on appearing to be more compassionate towards voters.

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