Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, there has been no doubt about his showmanship and grandiose presence, bodily and vociferously. He doesn’t sneak behind the veils of secrecy, weighed diplomacy or artificial refinement. His views are easily discernible. Indeed, he wears his inner thoughts on his sleeves. He doesn’t care about what his opponents think, only about his supporters. Trump has tapped into the feelings and thinking of a massive core of similar minded Americans. You can call these Trump supporters disgruntled, and uneducated white people, rednecks, or disenfranchised blue-collar Democrats as Hillary Clinton backers and pundits often do, but you would be wrong to label them as a small minority of Americans. His supporters now equal half of the voters.

Hillary Clinton follows the time-honored practice of espousing careful and rehearsed speech; it is not an accident that she rarely holds news conferences, and when she does, her words are carefully measured (her speech writers and advisers create the content of her messages). You do not get the real deal with Clinton; you get a marketed message that has already been tested and fine tuned by her salespeople. Clinton is like a Proctor Gamble brand that is subjected to decades of marketing and vetting before it even gets to carry the company logo. And like the corporation, Clinton is loathed to deviate from the marketing success of her brand less she stumble and lose traction.

The problem with Clinton’s approach is that creativity and genuineness are compromised. She is now nothing more than a Democrat clinging to the strongholds of a typical Democrat base– minorities and liberals. She knows that it is dangerous to abandon those bases, but Bernie Sanders has forced her to swing further to the left than her handlers wanted her to. She also accepts that she cannot afford to lose white and “uneducated” voters, who in the past have voted for Democrats, to Donald Trump. Clinton knows that her course is rife with danger, so she travels mostly incognito with few press conferences and sticks to canned speeches, Tweets and press releases. She comes off artificial to many.

Trump is the real deal, blemishes and lumps included. He does not peddle lies, just liberal denouncements. Trump’s presence in the election is a long needed breath of fresh air: Hillary Clinton is more of the same old know-it-all, the type of old school political thinking that an increasing number of Americans have become tired with. Clinton’s only hope is near record setting minority and liberal voter turnout. Sander’s backers may thwart her progressive advancement, and she certainly will not turn out the black vote in the numbers that Obama did: Obamas’s visible port in the campaign will do little to change the number who turn out on election day.

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