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Apart from the obvious significance of the first female candidate to represent one of the two principal political parties, Hillary Clinton came off thoroughly tonight. True to form, she physically presented well, yet she did appear to be in a lecture mode at times. Her best moments came when she was attacking Donald Trump, including her line about his failure to have any of his products manufactured in each of the swing states mentioned by name.

She did run through a typical checklist of items and goals she intended to address if elected President, an approach that departed from the emotional speeches made by the Obamas and Bill Clinton. But overall, she gave an adequate speech. Was it enough to counter the momentum Trump has gained over the past week?– probably sufficient to equalize it.

The bulk of Americans have already made up their minds about whether they are voting for Trump or Clinton– both of the candidates are fighting over approximately ten percent of undecided Independent voters. The upcoming debates will considerably impact how these people will vote. Both candidates are already locked in on most of the concerns that Americans traditionally consider material when selecting a candidate.


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