Donald Trump delivered a very efficient and precise economic speech today. He outlined some of his tax cuts, including ending the estate tax, death tax, and reducing the corporate tax rates from 35% to15%, making child care expenses tax deductible, a temporary moratorium on new regulations and the need to have American products and services at the vanguard of international trade.

He occasionally departed from his economic focus to rip on Hillary Clinton. He called her “a candidate from the past” who has long supported tried and failed policies that have led directly to the destruction of major cities, such as Detroit, the venue of his speech. He said Clinton has always supported ideas and policies that lead to the corrosion and destruction of the major cities. 

Trump said “Detroit was once the economic envy of the world. When we were governed by the America First policy, Detroit was booming … But for many living in this city, that dream has long ago vanished. When we abandoned the policy of America first, we started rebuilding other countries instead of our own. The skyscrapers went up in Beijing while factories and neighborhoods crumbled right here in Detroit.” 

It is also noteworthy that Hillary Clinton has been forced to argue against such tax cuts less she draws the ire of supporters like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and other left-leaning advocates. Clinton has also been struggling to walk back her “short circuited” comments concerning her falsehoods about the email issues. She has started to “lie about her lies” when discussing the emails, Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News.

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