Hillary Clinton was talking about the income disparity between the working class and rich folk again yesterday in New York City, but instead of referencing herself as a focus point at the top the top of the income spectrum, and minimum wage earners at the bottom, she attempted to push and direct her familiar message generally at middle-income wage earners and offered loose examples of how this could be accomplished. She took a shot at at Jeb Bush for his comments about how Americans need to work longer hours stating, “Let him tell that to the nurse who stands on her feet all day or the teacher who is in that classroom or the trucker who drives all night,” she said. “They don’t need a lecture, they need a raise.”

Bush had clarified the comment by explaining that he was referring to part-time workers. Given Clinton’s wealth, and her position as a “One percenter” on the U.S. economic scale, and her general social adversity towards blue collar workers in general, it is odd that she chose truck drivers in her example given that this is a group that is unlikely to support her. Clinton continues to poll poorly among hard working Americans in the truck driving, plumbing, construction and other labor fields, however, she maintains the support of feminists, Hollywood types and other liberal social cause advocates.

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