Mary Dejevsky is a prominent writer and broadcaster. She is also a Hillary Clinton fan. This week she penned a piece in the Guardian calling for Clinton to gracefully bow out of her Presidential bid. Her research into the issue stems from her vast global reporting experience, including a sprint as a Washington correspondent. It was in that capacity that she watched Clinton weather the Lewinsky, Whitewater and other scandals. The key word though is weathered, because while each of these events served up maximum drama back in the day, time has eroded their present earthy impact on today’s public. The problem with Clinton’s current electability issue, is as Dejevsky aptly notes, not so much rooted in the soils of the past, but more with her recent debacles—her private email account and the Benghazi matter—and Clinton’s refusal to forthrightly own her role in such matters. Of course, ownership and acceptance of responsibility are not traits one would expect to find in the Clinton’s DNA, they tend to assign blame to others (and sometimes to large groups such as the “right wing conspirators”). But it is these very character issues that continue to haunt her.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues his substantial lead in the Republican race according to a new CNN/ORC poll. The poll finds Trump with the support of 24% of Republican registered voters. His nearest competitor, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, stands 11 points behind at 13%.

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