Perhaps, sensing a slipping in the polls, the New York Times rushed to publish another pro-Hillary piece –just in case. With Sanders continuing to close the gap between the two, the Times is expected to continue this pace until she has secured the nomination, then there will be a pause until the Republican nominee is known, and then the positive stories will continue.

Meanwhile, looking to the future, the Times continues to attack Donald Trump, not because he is a serious threat to Hillary, but by doing so, they weaken the Republican Party in general.

But now the Times seems to be stretching things a bit. They report:

“As a little girl, if Hillary Rodham forgot to screw the cap back on the toothpaste, her father would toss the tube out the bathroom window. She’d scurry around in the snow-covered evergreen bushes outside their suburban Chicago home to find it and return inside to brush her teeth,”]

Really! – are there any pictures of this? They say Hillary has been reluctant to bring up the “hard-knocks family stories” to bolster her political ratings, but it was necessary to talk about her father’s “scrappy side” in order to draw parallels between the candidate and her father. But if the article is to be believed, there appear to be few, if any, worthwhile parallels to draw: The father was described as, “Hard working, believed in no free rides, believed you had to earn what you’re going to get . . .”. Hillary, on the hand, married Bill Clinton in 1975 and hitched her wagon to him ever since. She was with him when he was elected the state attorney general in 1976 and the presidential election in 1992. Using her connection to the President, she was elected to the U.S. Senate and served from 2001 to 2009; later, still benefiting from her Clinton status, she became Secretary of State- “hard working”- “No free rides”, really?  Moreover, her giveaway philosophies seem inconsistent with a “earn what you’re going to get” belief. No, these stories have nothing to do with the similarities between the two, rather they are merely old-fashioned political moves to garner votes by use of a “straw man” fallacy- Hillary’s father was a hardworking, honest, get what you earn guy, so Hillary must be the same type of person. In reality, the parallels between the two appear to be much more distinct.

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