Hollywood Clowns Just Keep on Saying Stupid Things–Jane Lynch, Robert De Niro, and Other Weak Links

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Hollywood actress and host of NBC’s Weakest Link Jane Lynch attacked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-TK) during Tuesday’s confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, calling the senator a “whining little ass boy.”

Sen. Graham is a popular target among elite Hollywood leftists who have poured money into his opponent’s campaign.

In doing so, the clowns have come out of the woodwork, simultaneously displaying their Robert De Niro-styled ignorance and marginal insanity. None of these Hollywood types are known for their intelligence, but most of them feel the need to be seen– kind of like the class clown in high school.

Jane Lynch has repeatedly tweeted her support for Jaime Harrison’s attempt to unseat Sen. Graham, saying that Harrison “will bring back honor and dignity to a badly damaged congress.” Breitbart reported.  

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