Hope Hicks Likely Opted Out of Press Secretary Position

Hope Hicks in Sunglasses
Hope Hicks

It is unclear why it was decided that Hope Hicks would assume the position of “Director of Strategic Communications” as opposed to Press Secretary, a position that was hers for the asking.

Although we thought she was the favored choice, insiders opine that Sean Spicer was selected because the post has turned into a hot seat and because Hicks felt she was better suited for the lower profiled spot.

It is also clear that the new Press Secretary’s role will likely be shaped by Trump’s antipathy for the press in general. The level of toxicity and antagonism currently existing between Trump and the press is likely to intensify as a result of anticipated changes in the scope, duration, and the number of press briefings given by the White House.

It was thought that Hicks should not be subjected to this potentially volatile and intensive environment in part because the administration fears an early burnout rate. Hicks will work well with Ivanka Trump, and Kellyanne Conway will keep Spicer in line.

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  1. It makes sense that Hope Hicks was selected for her strategic communications role instead of press secretary. Typically, a Press Secretary comes from having many years of experience as a journalist; i.e. someone who has been a professional colleague of the people who will be asking questions of them on administrative policies and positions. I think her role is going to be well suited for her. She can explain Trump’s policies in a positive and strategic way to the people that Trump wants to reach as opposed to the intense and most likely hostile press that a press secretary will endure.

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