Hope Hicks Likely To Be Tapped for Trump’s Press Secretary, Sources Say

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Hope Hicks

As Trump insiders work seriously to formulate their picks for major positions in the Trump administration, Hope Hicks has moved to the front of the line, where the press secretary is concerned, sources say. Hicks has been a loyal Trumpian from the start of his campaign and before.

We previously reported that Hicks was constantly at Trump’s side, “flying in his jet, and living rent-free in a Trump-owned apartment.” Her friendship with Ivanka Trump, and the rest of the siblings, help catapult her to the top of the list.

Hope demonstrated her absolute loyalty to Trump from the start, and during the campaign, she masterfully dodged difficult questions while putting a non-responsive positive spin on her remarks. Trump likes her a lot and trusts her. We agree that she is a good choice for the job.

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