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A slightly younger, Hope Hicks

Greenwich is a Connecticut town synonymous with lack of transparency and wealth, where managers of hedge funds and other similarly situated predators nest. Watching or engaging in the sport of polo, yachting, high-end private clubs, hush-hush deals and secret political intrigue is the norm at this spot. It is the type of locale you would expect to find Donald Trump. It is also the home of some savvy public-relations types– the sort who are willing to be front-people for controversial tobacco companies or professional sports organizations that are trying to soak out or cover their latest public image stain. Politicians are drawn to the city’s PR talent from miles away like a brown shark following the taste of a thimble of blood in a vast sea or a Giglio on the scent of a prom queen at a barn dance.

Greenwich is where Hope Hicks, the 27-year-old press secretary for  Donald Trump is from, equipped with a pedigree found regularly among the Eastern elite. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, and former Lacrosse player, she soon found herself working at a PR firm in New York City called Zeno Group. It was there where she met Ivanka Trump and then found herself working for Donald’s Presidential campaign. It wasn’t long before she was constantly at his side, flying in his jet, and living rent-free in a Trump-owned apartment. The fast pace cost her a break-up with her partner of six years but she is edging ever closer to the White House.

Hope Hicks in Sunglasses

The former model lacks specific press credentials but her loyalty is unquestioned, and that is good enough for Trump who calls her “outstanding”. She mostly dodges any tough questions from the press and avoids the social media outlets leaving that to Trump.

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Ivanka Trump

She is a big fan of Ivanka Trump and according to some, “she would mimic her fashion choices”. The two may not have much in common with 99.9 percent of women their ages in the country, but they do compliment each other, and both share an unfettered loyalty to their boss, Donald Trump. Also, one cannot help but notice they are both easy on the eyes.

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