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Paul Ryan said he will not defend Donald Trump anymore even though 68% of Republican voters and 99.9 % of Trump backers say he should. Many Republicans are calling his acts cowardly.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will not campaign with or defend Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump through the November election. He had previously condemned Trump’s 2005 comments leaked by Clinton surrogates wherein Trump talked about grabbing women in their “Pussys” and other areas. Clinton backers leaked the bus tape to offset some damning Wikileaks emails that exposed Clinton’s deceptions about her association with Wall Street bankers and her rise above the middle class: Clinton has campaigned on a theme that she identifies with the “everyday” common citizen–the leaked emails suggests that she personally eschews 

Politico reported, “Ryan stopped short of formally rescinding his endorsement of Trump.” Many Trump supporters have warned that Ryan would pay the price for his desertion.

Truth be told, Paul Ryan has never engaged himself to Trump’s candidacy. He has acted more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs every since Trump started gaining traction in the Republican primary. It is not a question of Ryan taking the higher ground or his stated goal to protect other Republicans running for office. Rather, it is a full example of a comrade forsaking his fellow soldier during the throws of combat: Paul Ryan is a sniveling coward, personally and politically. With friends like Ryan, you don’t need enemies.If Trump does win the election, and he may, he should remember who his true supporters were.


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  1. […] The article goes on to summarize the parade of horribles that Trump faces today: Clinton has a 5.5 percentage vote lead; more than sixty percent of voters view him unfavorably; Clinton has a 20 percent edge with women; and the desertion of Republicans such as Speaker Ryan. […]

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