I have lied, but I’m not a liar”—Michael Cohen—testifying before  Congress today.

II have lied, but I’m not a liar”—Michael Cohen—testifying before Congress today. Cohen launched a full-frontal attack on President Trump, claiming among other things, that the President was a liar and racist.  Cohen has already been ordered to report to prison in a couple of months for lying to Congress. As expected, Cohen was subjected to numerous questions regarding his past lies and was consistently impeached with his prior inconsistent statements. Cohen said he was now telling the truth and that he wouldn’t even accept a pardon from the President if offered —of course,  a pardon has never been offered.


Democrats repeatedly attempted to vouch for Cohen’s veracity and credibility but the Republicans were easily able to paint Cohen as a person who was a disgraced liar who could not be believed under any circumstances. Cohen attempted to explain his turn-about testimony explaining that he blindly followed Trump but that he has since had an epiphany sparked by the injustices the  President has caused including the great racial divide he believes exists in the country.  

Almost all of Cohen’s Responses and comments rang hollow—he is a liar and cannot be trusted. He is still trying to get his sentence reduced and will say anything to improve that goal.

As we said before, Michael   Cohen is not a credible witness against   President Trump. 

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