Biden Traded on Death and Hate; Big Tech and the Slimy Leftist Papers backed this shameful practice to Rig the Election

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There can be little disbelief that the liberal media that includes the so-called “Mainstream media” and Big Tech rigged the election against Donald Trump. These entities did so under the sunshade of fair press but actually used suppression and deletion to accomplish their agendas.

We have heard reactions to these obvious maneuvers from many sources; however, for obvious reasons, the left has supported these suppression methods, exclusively because these grossly unfair behaviors support Biden. They will fight over the next many years to keep Big Tech and Mainstream media squarely on their side. For political reasons, who could blame them.

But for fairness and ethical reasons, the left should embrace the side of fundamental fairness and leave politics aside. This would include the conservative’s well-founded claim that suppression and censorship are bad for all countries.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander; what comes around go-arounds. Well, it does not seem likely that big tech will soon supplant their leftist political beliefs and then employ fairness in their posting decisions; the Democrats should opt to agree that things need to change. Otherwise, the resentment of 60 Million Americans will remain, and sooner or later, Big Tech will turn on the left– money will do their bidding.

They can only be wrong for so long before there is a total uprise from conservatives and an increasing amount of minorities. There will come a time when white women will grow tired of supporting black Americans solely to be politically correct and appease themselves.

Otherwise, if they don’t, big things will happen; Class action lawsuits will emerge challenging Big Tech’s monopolistic tactics- Conservatives will start boycotting advertising on the biased publications’ pages. And all of this would be good for the country.

Big Tech and mainstream media have succeeded so far in their efforts to steer voters to the Biden side. Like Biden, they have traded on the side of death, using the coronavirus to scare citizens, many of them elderly. Of course, Biden has no plan to stop the virus that Trump has not already employed. He has continually lied about this issue, and Big Tech and the leftist media have falsely backed these greasy techniques.

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