If you are raped in Missouri and get pregnant, forget about an abortion if 8 weeks have passed


A bill that would criminalize nearly all abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy was passed by the Missouri Senate and House last week where the Republican Governor, Mike Parson, is expected to sign it. Under the Bill abortions past eight weeks would be banned in most cases, including rape or incest.

The measure came just days after Alabama’s governor signed a near-total ban on abortion in the state, promoting protests and concern from pro-choice supporters. Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio are among the other states to pass new abortion restrictions.


Any notion that a woman who became pregnant after being raped should be denied an abortion is ludicrous—it should go without saying that a brutally raped woman should not be subjected to nine months of carrying an unchosen fetus that twists and churns inside her serving as a constant reminder of her sexual assault.









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