Ignoring institutional tradition is the main ingredient of leftish speak

“Courageous dissenters of totalitarian Soviet Russia offer Americans a harsh warning: Our consumerist comforts are soothing us into a form of “soft totalitarianism.” This kind of oppression doesn’t require prisons or brute force, though. Rather, this encroaching soft totalitarianism slips in quietly under the guise of an oppressive “social justice” ideology that destroys our ability to think and live freely,” Thinker writes.

The article notes “a growing disregard for institutional tradition, a blind loyalty to ideology, a desire to politicize everything, and the tendency to gravitate to a form of confirmation bias.”

Ignoring institutional tradition is the main ingredient of leftish speak; tearing down statutes, changing the names of schools and other institutions, canceling anything that stands in the way of their oppressive ideology is the vessel they use to spread their themes that reveal their hatred of America’s core values.

As we have noted, the left uses psychological ploys and shame to suppress those who do not join their suppressive and dystopian bents.

The Thinker article suggests that small groups and private families are a meaningful vessel towards combating the false narratives.

While this may be one means to bring out the truth to the forefront, we think it better that conservatives react in mass. By that, we mean that Trump’s base should remain united and proceed to reveal the left’s lies.

These counter-measures must maintain less the passage of time displaces the memories of voter fraud, mainstream suppression of pro-Trump messages, and Big Tech’s joinder in these oppressive acts.

There are many other reasons why we must remain cognizant and be conscious of the hypercritical cries for unity by the left; division has been the cornerstone of their message. Now, they seek unity.

Their claims of “social justice” are premised on fundamental lies that are quickly subscribed to by uninformed haters. One must remember, if world-wide history is instructive, that merciless dictators ultimately displace soft- totalitarianism.

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