Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois vetoed a marijuana bill that would have lowered fines and decriminalized possession of smaller amounts of the plant. The bill was aimed at reducing prosecution and prison or jail costs that have sky rocketed over the years. It would seem that almost everyone  agrees that such measures are apropos in today’s increasingly expensive policing world except the Gov. Well, wait, even he agrees with the general notion that the criminal prosecution of marijuana is “a drain on public resources”, his complaint is that “any change must be made carefully and incrementally”. That is kind of an odd position given the fact that the bill “was a product of years of negotiations”- at least, according to Rep. Kelly Cassidy, the sponsor of the decriminalization bill. The Chicago Tribune  said:

[“Cassidy called Rauner’s partial veto “frustrating,” saying she made numerous changes during the negotiation process at the behest of Republican leaders who act as the governor’s liaisons.”]

Given the consensus that the bill had plenty of input from representatives of both parties and the Governor’s middlemen, the “carefully and incrementally” rhetoric advanced by the Gov., well, just seems dopey- or maybe, too dopey for the gov.

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