The Democratic party is spreading the story that the recent hack and release of emails from the Democratic National Committee (D.N.C.) is an effort undertaken by the Russians for the purpose of supporting Donald Trump. Representative Nancy Pelosi (Dem Calif.) said, “I do know this: that the Russians did the D.N.C. hack.” Clinton has disavowed any knowledge about the tainted emails. Trump said, “She’s just a liar”, and that she has been following the emails every day.  

😎 Some conspiracy theory believers, however, say that the email hacks are nothing more than the fruits of a mutual undertaking by the Clintons and Donald Trump. According to one theory, a clandestine plan was hatched by the three early in 2014. The confederates understood that Hillary could obtain the Democratic nomination in 2016 (Sanders was not a serious factor then), but mutually held reservations about her achieving a victory in the general election, particularly if a strong Republican contender emerged.

What started out as ostensibly wild and unhinged talk about Trump entering the election and then self-imploding, through the use of bombastic rhetoric and promotion of bigoted ideas, was initially dismissed as crazy talk. But the design, mostly at the persuasion of Trump, was revitalized, and he announced his candidacy. The object was to distract the public’s attention from Clinton and the inevitable baggage she would be confronted about; Trump’s stood to gain through the promotion of his brand. The scheme began to unravel once, to the awe of the three, Trump’s messages started to resonate with a sizable number of white voters– many who typically voted for Democrats. The plan then changed in the mind of one conspirator– Donald Trump, but not before the roots of their plans had been irrevocably emplaced. 

Conspiracy theorists opine that Trump has reneged on the original agreement because he now believes, contrary to initial assessments, he has morphed from a diversion to a viable candidate for President. His popularity has thrown a monkey wrench into the original conspiracy plans: Remnants of the distractive plots and maneuvers will continue to slowly come into play, but now only the conspiracy will self-implode. 😎 

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