Is the near-collapse of Minneapolis brought to you compliments of a one-party, radical left government?

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Following the destruction of property owned by the government, small and big business operations, and general terror on the city streets of Minneapolis, there is a “ghost-town feel that is taking a dystopian turn as empty streets are being taken over by a resurging homeless population openly using drugs and increasingly aggressive. The mentally ill are left to similar fates, often found huddled in bus shelters”.

The near-collapse of the city is brought to you compliments of “a one-party, radical left government,” Jenna Stocker writes in her article entitled  Radical Democrats Are Turning Minneapolis Into A Violent Wasteland.  

Stocker adds, “this is no Detroit-Esque collapse prompted by the degeneration of an industry-dependent metropolis. This is the willful push down the path of the ruin of a city burgeoning with opportunity and rife with promises of the American Dream. It is suicide”.

The aftereffect of the entropy has resulted in a soaring crime increase. Local business owners, many of them minorities, are hurting. Large swaths of suburban dwellers are fearful of entering the once-bustling city.  

Minneapolis is where many local music-makers gained national fame. Bob Dylan started his career at the Ten O’Clock Scholar bar near the infamous Seven Corners by the University of Minnesota.  

The city has always been enriched with cultural diversity– it remains so today. The difference is the far-left radicalism; they push for division and hostility and oppose the country’s established core values; they reject what made Minneapolis a cool and unified city. They are an odious blemish on the city’s soul; they are bringing the city down.

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