Just how much do the so-called Republican “Establishment” people, and in large measure, the billionaire donor class, hate Donald Trump? It is a no-brainer that any attempt to prevent Trump from receiving the Republican nomination vis-a-vis a third-party candidate, or tricks at the convention, lead directly to a Hillary Clinton victory in November. It is one thing for failed candidates from the past (Romney) to actively campaign against Trump, it is quite another matter when “leaders” take steps towards formulating a third-party candidacy. The fact is, if any of these shenanigans materialize, Trump’s core supporters will NOT vote Republican– they may not vote at all, or they will support Hillary, in some cases, just for spite.

Trump supporters are not unmindful of the intense attack the donor billionaires, and establishment members made against Trump in Florida. They wanted a candidate that could be controlled by them, and that was clearly Rubio. They are aware of the organized blitz against Trump planned for Wisconsin. So far, none of these plots have gained significant voter traction, rather the establishment effort has fortified Trump’s anti-establishment core supporters, much in the same way that the left’s organized protests (by Clinton and Sanders supporters) have rejuvenated his base.

The Republican party would do well to embrace Trump’s supporters, many who have voted for Democrats in the past, and some who have never voted before if they hope to beat Clinton. It would be a shame if these detractors can not move on, and support Trump, given Clinton’s vulnerability. It is true that the left, including a large majority of minorities and young college students, will vote for a Democrat, but these bases have always voted for Democrats. Trump has tapped into a unique and substantial base of voters in communities where voter turnout is usually low. This newly revitalized base, coupled with the standard Republican base, will give Trump a victory in the general election. If these people continue to attack Trump, they can be assured that Clinton will bring a liberal Supreme Court nominee to the court. This will create a 5/4 advantage for liberal rulings. It is a question of just how much do the establishment people hate Trump– are these people willing to accept 30 years or more of liberal rulings?

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