Ivanka Trump at a recent Glamour’s Women of the Year event. NYTimes photo credit
Blue Dress
Melania Trump photo from her Biography site

With all of the women in Donald Trump’s past, two of them stand out, mainly because he is running for President of the United States.  At a time when Donald Trump is confronting frontal attacks from people in all parties over his controversial positions on issues that directly impact on women, he is in dire need of support from women. His wife and daughter are filling the bill for this need.

The New York Times has said that she is her father’s oldest daughter and perhaps most valuable asset.They said, “A lot of women have come and gone over the course of Mr. Trump’s life. But through his two high-profile divorces, numerous public romances, and three marriages, Ivanka Trump has remained constant.” Melania has expressed her opinion a few times at various events, but it is clear that Ivanka is the most polished and genuine supporter in his family.

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