Joe Biden Asserting Control Over Farm Animals

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A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that a trio of farmers who admitted to having sex with farm animals need to stay in prison.  

According to The Patriot-News, the Pennsylvania Superior Court panel upheld 20- to 41-year prison terms for farmers Terry Wallace, Matthew Brubaker, and Marc Measnikoff for having sex with animals hundreds of times on their Munson area farm.

In total, the trio pleaded guilty to charges of corruption of minors, 730 counts of sexual intercourse with animals, and 730 counts of cruelty to animals, the  New York Post reports.

In an ostentatious display of twiddling thumbs, Joe Biden remains off the campaign trail, probably sucking his own thumb. But old corrupt Joe, whether plagiarizing or cheating to get into law school, allegedly accepting money his son got from corrupt dealings with foreign entities, or being creepy in the presence of women, has put his handlers in a frenzy as they spoon-feed Joe words to say at the debate on Thursday.

We think Joe Biden might enjoy being on the Wallace, Brubaker, and Measnikoff farm, where he could do his thing without interruption. Why?– we don’t know–it just seems funny to say.

As Joe started his conversation with, let’s say, a pig, he could assume total control by being nice to the pig without having to assert any monetary or political pressure or say anything smart. It could be Joe taking control and being in charge. The dogs, goats, and cows would look on and take notice—Joe is a man who can get it done. Being nice to animals is a good thing, and he could rally his supporters by campaigning for animal rights.

Maybe the farm thing is over the top– but we are not sure. At any rate, the farm life would suit him fine– at a minimum, it could have a calming effect. Or if he gets elected President, he could have a petting zoo erected and attached to the Whitehouse. Sorry, Harris, no weed allowed at the zoo.

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