This article was originally written in 2015 when Biden was thinking about hopping into the 2015 Obama/Clinton Presidential bid.

When President Obama was campaigning for President along with his VP choice, his handlers, and to some extent, his wife, seemed poised to subdue Joe Biden in advance of his proclivity towards bobbles. He was just one of those guys– affable, mostly honest (plagiarism days aside), and mostly well received by the Democratic base: A truism for as far as it could go for the guy standing next to the star of the show. Now that Obama’s concerns over such faux pas have come and gone, one cannot help but wonder whether old Joe could go it alone on the front and center stage. He has a tight following among mainstream Democrats but would be hard-pressed to cut into Hillary’s feminist audience significantly or to pierce the ranks of academic liberals who will vote for her even if they are holding their noses when doing so. Biden’s military positions from the past would hardly endear him to Bernie Sander’s base. If the Obama camp is with him, he likely will fair well with the African American vote; the effrontery between Hillary and the Obama camp has not significantly subsided. We do not think Joe Biden should jump into a race where the two leading contenders have mutually solidified large numbers of committed voters. He does not have the star power to do so. Right now, Biden has been anointed with an elder statesman status, he would lose some of that glow, and his bid, if he entered the fray now. That would be kind of a sad thing.

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