Joe Biden Was No Friend of Minorities- Particularly Black Americans When He Vigorously Supported the 1994 Crime Bill

As we wrote in 2015, Joe Biden used his power to pass a bill that would devastate young black Americans. Even the New York Times, early Biden supporters, acknowledged that Old Joe had done wrong. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, now known as the 1994 crime law, resulted from years of work by Biden, who oversaw the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time. 

The New York Times picked up on the issue confronting Joe Biden over his seemingly unadulterated advocacy for, and eventual passage of, legislation that required massive numbers of federal offenders to be incarcerated under “minimum sentencing” provisions, laws that are now considered by most enlightened penologists to be draconian, useless and extremely expensive for the taxpayers.  wrote, “If you ask some criminal justice reform activists, the 1994 crime law passed by Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton, which was meant to reverse decades of rising crime, was one of the key contributors to mass incarceration in the 1990s. They say it led to more prison sentences, more prison cells, and more aggressive policing — especially hurting black and brown Americans, who are disproportionately likely to be incarcerated.

Biden routinely boasts that he is the candidate for minorities—mainly African Americans—his clear voting record shows otherwise.  He simply cannot be trusted on hardly any issue.

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