Joe Scarborough said President Donald Trump backers are in a “cult” and should get help from mental health providers, but not from religious leaders

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MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough said last Thursday on “Morning Joe” that people who believe President Donald Trump are in a “cult” and should “get help from mental health providers,” Scarborough said, “You know, the thing is that the president knew. He admitted it to  Bob Woodward  – it’s all on the tapes.

Over the course of the year, I have had friends say the stupidest things to me, the most ignorant things to me. No worse than the flu. That masks don’t do anything. Oh, this is going to disappear the day after the election day magically. You know this is all just a conspiracy to try to defeat Donald Trump. It’s going to go away afterward. Anthony Fauci has cooked this all up so he could make billions of dollars off of vaccines. It’s all a scam. And it’s not,” Breitbart .com reported.

Scarborough said these cult folks need to get help from mental health providers but not religious leaders because they are stupefied and dumb because they belong to the Trump cult faction.

Scarborough’s disingenuous insults against religious leaders are more than dumb; he and other far-leftists try to find racially perceived inequalities, although often facially and constructively false, in virtually all aspects of American life.   He continues to lose credibility. He cries out for attention because we doubt he has any friends outside of those who sanction his idiotic expressions.

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