John Brennan’s apparent lies remained unchecked by the main street media adding to the nation’s division

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“Former Obama administration Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan lies. He doesn’t just lie in the sense of speaking hyperbolically, spinning events, or painting in shades of gray out of purported fealty to national security considerations. Brennan tells outright falsehoods, in venues from television studios to Congress, on matters of utmost importance.

One must ask: Why does corporate media continue to give someone who has proved to be a uniquely deceptive character, whose most noteworthy activity since leaving government has been spewing invective against the president on Twitter, valuable airtime,?” the ( reports.

The article in the Federalist (see the above link) goes on to detail the various lies purportedly adopted by Brennan. While anyone with common sense would conclude that Brennan is a biased liberal, what is expressly troubling is the mainstream media (MSM) and Big Tech’s failure to call him out on his apparent lies. Instead, he is one of their go-to guys when he extends negative opinions, especially directed at President Trump.

Nothing genuine can happen from suppressing stories that arguably disprove Brennan’s remarks. The truth, notwithstanding personal subscription to ultra-liberal ideologies, is always the best medicine. Neutrality in the press use to be the measure; the absence of neutrality is the norm now.

The MSM uses their platforms to write often inaccurate articles solely to buttress their political beliefs; this is beyond question at this point. Until they get back to professional and honest stories, their credibility will continue to nosedive, especially in conservatives’ eyes—causing more division in the country.

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