Kansas City Police Kill Unarmed Man over “Swatting” Incident

A fake call was made to the Witchita, Kansas Police Department wherein a man can be heard telling authorities that he had shot his father in the head, and claimed to have taken his mother and siblings hostage, according to the BBC.  The police ended up shooting Andrew Finch. The caller was identified as Tyler Barriss, and the LAPD arrested Barriss on Friday.

Police say they surrounded the address the caller had given and were preparing to make contact with the suspect reportedly inside when Mr. Finch came to the door. In the audio of the 911 call, the caller claimed his father had been shot in the head and that he was holding his mother and a sibling at gunpoint. The caller added that he poured gasoline into the home and “might just set it on fire, “ Fox News reported.

They said one round was released by officers after the 28-year-old failed to comply with verbal orders to keep his hands up, and appeared to move his hands toward his waist multiple times. The address was for the home of Andrew Finch, 28, whom police believed was not involved in any part of the incident.

Police say Mr. Finch was later found to be unarmed and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. A search found four of his family members inside, none of them dead, injured or taken hostage.

Swatting is the false reporting of emergencies, to try and get a Swat (Special weapons and tactics) team response to a location


Given the information, the police had received from dispatch, including the alarming claims made by the caller, we cannot lay blame on the police for this tragic event. We do call for additional training in such incidents. The young man was unarmed, and apparently reached toward his midsection when confronted—these events call into question the use of deadly force although seemingly justified here.

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