Kanye West Calls Democrats Out as ‘Racists’ for Assuming Black’s Will Vote for Democrats

Kanye West said the “one of the most racist things” he’s witnessed since hitting the campaign trail is liberals suggesting “black people can’t make decisions” on their own.

“One of the most racist things that liberals who pride themselves on not being racist have said to me, like, ‘You’re going to split the black vote,’” West told podcast host Joe Rogan in an interview aired Saturday. “That makes it seem like black people can’t make decisions for ourselves.”

“They make a statement that only black people will vote for me. Think about that statement! The nuance of institutionalized racism. … They have a place where no one has been able to embrace the idea of blacks not being in a block and staying in one place,” West, who threw his hat in the 2020 presidential election earlier this year, continued.

West is correct; Democrats, especially old-timers like Joe Biden, not only assume they have unadulterated backing from Black Americans, they demand it (“If you ain’t voting for Biden, you ain’t black.” —Joe Biden

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