Kelly Megyn is Now One of Our Favorites– She Checked the Bogus Biden Claim of Unity

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We didn’t like Megyn Kelly during the 2016 Presidential election because she was unfair to Donald Trump at the debate and during her show on Fox News. We wrote about her occasionally, and she was always a big view getter.

Now that Biden is the apparent winner of the 2020 Election (subject to voter fraud challenges) and based on Kelly’s new-founded admiration for Trump, we have adjusted our view of her.

Years ago, we wrote the following:



By Bob Miller 2016

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The public’s respect for the media is as low as it has been for decades. We have reported the bias and elitist attitudes exhibited by the New York Times, New Yorker, Atlantic, and other similarly styled publishers of political news when the subject matter deals with Donald Trump.

The cable mediums are not exempt from these same biases. Enter Fox News Channel’s, Megyn Kelly. Tonight, she told Speaker Newt Gingrich to go home and “work on his anger issues.” Throughout her interview with Gingrich, Kelly downplayed Donald Trump’s chances of prevailing in the presidential election. At one point, Gingrich told her to forego any further discussion of politics for the next two weeks if she thought the election was over.


If Any Significant Fraud is Proven in a Particular Precinct…

Georgia Senate Runoffs-Democrats are coming for them, with…

Big Tech Praises Biden in the Wake of Their Almost Complete…

Kelly persisted with her anti-Trump agenda by bringing up the women who had accused Trump of improper sexual contact. Gingrich had enough of Trump’s biased opinions and suggested that she focus on issues other than sex. It was then when a visibly flustered Kelly accused the Speaker of having an anger problem.


Megyn Kelly lost her cool tonight. She did not exhibit much intellect and allowed her passionate dislike for Trump to cause her to have a mini-meltdown. Her ugly demeanor and attitude directed towards Gingrich are unfortunate. Her dislike for Trump is obvious, but she doesn’t need to attack her guests to reinforce her opinions. She needs to work on her control, especially when Trump is the subject matter. 1 9,244

Kelly Today

 Megyn Kelly was a lawyer before becoming an assignment reporter in 2004. That same year, she was hired by Fox News as a Washington, D.C. correspondent. Kelly became co-anchor of America’s Newsroom in 2006, anchor of America Live in 2010, and anchor of The Kelly File in 2013– one of the highest-rated cable news programs on television. In 2017, she left Fox to host Megyn Kelly Today on NBC. That show was canceled in 2018 for alleged politically correct reasons.

Following the Trump/Biden campaign in 2020, Kelly negatively reacted to Biden’s various claims and remarks. She was critical of Biden’s calls for “unity” and “healing” after Biden and his far-left-backers had viciously” attacked President Donald Trump and his supporters for four years.

In responding to the expected Tweets from the left, Kelly doubled down on the left’s criticism of her Tweets. She pointed out that Biden’s message is disingenuous considering the vitriol and hate directed toward Trump every year of his presidency and the tens of millions of Americans that voted for him.

Kelly continued, “Half of the country has been demonized as awful for four years just for supporting their president who was falsely accused of Russian collaboration, wrongly impeached & attacked relentlessly by the [left] & a dishonest media. And now it’s ‘let’s heal!’ ‘Unity!’.

“ You’re out of touch if you think 70m Americans who have been unfairly demonized as the worst of humanity for 4yrs are now going to hug those who’s viciously attacked them (& are now making lists of their names),” Kelly responded. “I’m talking real, which is my job, not pie-in-the-sky stuff.”

Kelly later took a shot at CNN host Chris Cuomo, who’s brother was arguably an alleged serial killer of senior citizens when he moved seniors to nursing homes where residents were already affected by the COVID.

Kelly Tweeted, “Omg [Chris Cuomo]! I totally thought this was you doing more terrible acting like when you had COVID (while your brother was killing off 6k seniors) &, after exposing half ur neighborhood while not wearing your mask, did your fake emergence from the basement! But this guy is better,” Kelly said.

If anyone had any ambiguity about her political convictions, I think she’s cleared those doubts up.

Newsmax CEO and majority owner Chris Ruddy, meanwhile, told The Daily Beast: “Megyn Kelly is a great television talent. She’s got a big following, and I would be open to considering her for Newsmax. We have had some discussions with her, but I can’t reveal the details.”

However, a source close to Kelly, who will celebrate her 50th birthday on Nov. 18, told The Daily Beast that she has “received multiple 7-figure offers to return to TV” and has “turned them all down” because, in the end, she wishes not to answer to bosses, and still has plenty of cash from the balance of her truncated three-year, $69 million NBC contract. What’s more, the source said, she wants to spend more time with her family. “Money is no longer a lure,” said the source. “Her kids are.” Source: Dailey Beast.  

We applaud Megyn’s comments and her return to rational and Pro-American speak. The radicals who now criticize her know that Trump and his 70-million backers will not accept the assertion that the 2020 election was even remotely fair. We put the character of Trump’s supporters far above the anti-American losers and oddballs that support a loser like Biden. Good work, Kelly.

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