Kellyanne Conway’s Critics Focus on the Smallest and Irrelevant Things

Kellyanne Conway was taking pictures at the Oval Office.

Kellyanne Conway, advisor to President Trump, cannot catch a break from him her anti-trump detractors. Photos were taken of her taking pictures of leaders of historically black colleges while kneeling on an Oval Office couch that sparked debate over whether she was demonstrating a lack of respect for the office.

Ms. Conway was using her smartphone to take the pictures in response to the President’s request. The room was extremely crowded, and she was able to perch on the couch to shoot the pictures of the participants and the President.

Her critics on Twitter made no mention of President Obama’s frequent practice of resting his feet on the office’s desk.



With all the news in the world, Ms. Conway’s critics seem to pick at the smallest of events to talk smack about Conway. We find her presence at the Whitehouse events, and frequent appearances on the cable shows and television to be quite refreshing. She is articulate and easy on the eyes.



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