Kellyanne and George Conway III are Sort of an Odd Couple

George Conway III, patiently holding on to Kellyanne’s mink stole

President Trump has apparently selected George T. Conway III, the husband of  Kellyanne Conway, to head the civil division of the Justice Department. George is a graduate of Yale Law School and specializes in mergers and acquisition law. As head of this department, he will oversee such matters as President Trump’s executive orders regarding travel bans and lawsuits alleging that his business activities violate the Constitution.

The Conways, particularly Kellyanne, have been ardent supporters of Trump from the get-go and George Conway’s precise placement is not a surprising one. However, one cannot help but surmise that the two seem, by outward appearances, to be an odd couple. Kellyanne is outgoing, photogenic, and radiates a spirit of creativity and excitement—she is easy to look at. George presents as a person with methodical reservation and subserviency (note how he patiently and obediently holds Kellyanne’s mink stole).  The two might confirm the expression that opposites attract—if that’s true for them. At any rate, we envisioned her hanging out with a more adventurous Harley Davidson-riding sort of guy.

Meanwhile, George should brace himself for an avalanche of civil suits challenging the travel bans and attacks from liberal groups taking aim at the legality of his property’s use by foreign countries while he is President. The complexity of these issues is likely to keep George busy. We don’t expect many changes on Kellyanne’s part—she has her parts down pat and does very well.

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