Lawsuit Brought to Block Trump Rally Dismissed, We Suspect Political Motives

A Tulsa, Okla., judge blocked an emergency attempt to keep President Trump’s upcoming campaign rally from happening as planned after plaintiffs claimed that it would be a coronavirus “super-spreader” that would endanger the public, Fox News reported.  

The suit brought by two Oklahoma residents who say “they are immuno-compromised, claim that the rally poses a danger because the expected large crowd will not be following social distancing practices and will not be required to wear face masks. They filed an emergency motion seeking a temporary restraining order so the event would not be able to go on as planned.”

“It does not appear by the Petition that Plaintiffs are entitled to the relief demanded,” Judge Rebecca Brett Nightingale said in a one-page order.

The plaintiffs claim that their lawsuit is not politically motivated. Instead, they claim they want health-related protocols to be followed.

The suit is likely politically motivated, and if not by the plaintiffs themselves, then by the supporters of the failed move.


 Democrats have cherry-picked science reports to fit their interests that are primarily designed to defeat Trump in the 2020 election. 

The longer the threat remains in the public eye, the easier it is for Joe Biden to be allowed to campaign from his bunker with prepared scripts. When Biden is forced to speak in public, his incompetence is readily apparent. Conversely, President Trump shines when speaking in public.

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