The lawsuit Filed by The Democrats Against The Trump Campaign and Others is Groundless

The Democratic party filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhatten, New York this week naming the Trump campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that the Russians and other defendants, among other allegations, aided Trump during his election.

Trump campaign officials called the lawsuit frivolous and predicted that the court would summarily dismiss it.

“This frivolous lawsuit is a last-ditch effort to substantiate the baseless Russian collusion allegations by a nearly-bankrupt Democratic Party still trying to counter the will of the people in the 2016 presidential election,” a statement from the Donald J Trump for President campaign said.

A BBC reporter in Washington says “the lawsuit by the DNC is seen as a publicity stunt by many there, as it may not unveil anything that is not already being examined in other investigations – but could keep the matter in the public eye.”

“The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Manhattan, names senior Trump aides including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, strategist Roger Stone and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort as defendants, as well as the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange,” the BBC reports.


The lawsuit is frivolous. The issues raised against the Trump campaign are already being investigated by the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller; presumably, any evidence of collusion or “assistance” rendered by the Russians, will be revealed or found to be untrue through this investigation. The filing of the lawsuit is a last-ditch effort by the Democrats to keep the spotlight on President Trump and nothing more. Americans are growing increasingly weary and angry over the whole issue of the Russian/Trump collusion allegation. Enough is enough. When are the Democrats going to accept the result of the election and get on with the business of running the people’s business?



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