Liberal European Press Trade on International Scare Tactics and Other Nonsense as They Berate Donald Trump

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The liberal European press continues to express outrage over Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White House. Robin Lustig of the Huffington Post wrote that he experienced “horror, fear, anger, disgust, and shame” when he watched Trump’s press conference on Wednesday.

Lustig lamented that “Mr. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States,” and “it will be recorded in history as one of Western democracy’s darkest hours.”

He didn’t stop there, calling Trump “a mean-minded, lying, misogynistic fraud with what appears to be only a personality disorder.”

Jonathan Freeland of the Guardian joins the fray: He writes  “the Israeli press has reported that its country’s intelligence officials have been advised by their US counterparts not to share intel with the Trump administration, lest that information finds its way to Moscow, and from there to Tehran. Freeland then draws on this probable straw Person (fallacy) to create a false alternative. He says, “The price will be an American public who won’t believe the intelligence services even when they warn of genuine dangers to national security.”


Lustig merely is upset over the fact that Donald Trump defeated his candidate in the Presidential election. He resorts to name calling: Trump’s press conference was not particularly mean-spirited or unusual. CNN republished a likely false story. Trump was angry about this “fake news” and chastised the CNN Washington correspondent. The exchange could hardly be characterized as horrific or fearful in tone.

Freeland, however, apparently republishes even less trustworthy sources: He references an alleged double hearsay report from U.S. Intelligence sources to the Israelis that Trump can’t be trusted with comprehensive intelligence data.

The Guardian joins the New York Times and National Public Radio and Television in the U.S. when they write such tripe. They disguise their opinion pieces as quasi-news stories to foster and promote their liberal agendas.  

There is, of course, no substance to any of the underlying fears promoted by these writers. President-elect Trump will stand evenly with all other Presidents on intelligence matters: He will receive standard reports, consult with his seasoned advisors, and make decisions that benefit the United States. 

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