The people who write articles at Project Syndicate, are at it again– they are preaching about why Donald Trump lost the election to their beloved idol, Hillary Clinton. No doubt, most of the crew at this site are indebted to the Clintons for one thing or another: Nothing else could explain the stupid things they write.

This week, they ask, “Does Economic Pain Really Explain Populism”? They start by saying, “With the menacing prospect of a Donald Trump presidency in the United States fading fast. . .” – they continue by discussing Trump’s “deep personal flaws” including his “sexual aggressiveness,” and conclude that he lost the election because of his “vertiginous” indifference to gender issues.

The editorial board not only prematurely (especially now that the FBI has reopened their investigation into Clinton’s email use) concludes a Trump lost, they compare his flawed populist candidacy to the Brexit phenomenon– Brexit will have been “the last gasp of an aging generation that tried to impose its nostalgic parochialism on an increasingly cosmopolitan younger generation, but succeeded in only one unfortunate country.”

They proudly enumerate the many female leaders that have emerged and predicted big things for the world under their leadership, and these leader’s support for liberal immigration policies. The problem with this thinking is that many of the leaders they cite are struggling because of their immigration liberalism– Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime and Minister Theresa May, come to mind.

We think Donald Trump’s populist movement is successful because a majority of voting Americans believe in his messages. The recent “bimbo” issues are mere distractions heavily promoted by the Clinton team and her surrogates. Trump has plenty of women supporters in general.

Feminists, like Elizabeth Drew, who would never vote for Trump anyway, feel the need to carry Hillary’s bags so that she can be liked by liberals. Trump owes people like her nothing other than an honest administration of Presidential duties, something Clinton could never offer.

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