A man who was visiting a “friend” in Wabeno, Wisconsin for a few weeks ended up in a woods having been beaten, bloodied and left for dead and the “wolves” this week. His alleged attackers, Raymond Jones (45), April Jones (38), Justin Bey (21), and Samantha McClellan (18), are reported to have tortured him for two days and then discarding him in the woods believing that wolves would pick up the blood scent and take care of the evidence. They apparently repeatedly struck him with sticks and a cane, kicked him in the crotch, urinated on him, and smeared human feces over his body. He had been in the woods for about two days when he was discovered laying on a trail in the woods near Bug Lake in Wisconsin on March 12th.  It is not immediately known why his attackers did this. Rescue workers eventually had him air-lifted by helicopter to the Marshfield Hospital where he is suffering from multiple fractures to his head and face, a broken jaw, two broken ribs, and frostbite. He is expected to have one leg and a foot amputated. According to at least one of the defendants, they believed that wolves would be drawn to the bloodied body and were surprised that the man (his name was not disclosed) was alive. All of the defendants have been charged with attempted first-degree murder and related offenses. They were last known to be locked up at the Forest County Jail. Wabeno is located about 207 miles North of Milwaukee and 266 miles East of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The population is around 1,166.

UPDATE: Reports indicate that two of the defendants, April Jones (38) and Samantha McClellan (19), pleaded to lesser charges in exchange for dismissal of their felony charges; Jones received a 9-month jail sentence, and McClellan was placed on probation. The other two defendants, Raymond Jones (45), and Justin Bey (22), apparently are pursuing mental illness related defenses.

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