Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Has the “French Distinction”– Look and Appeal for President soon.

File photo: Far right National Front party regional leader for southeastern France, Marion Marechal Le Pen, delivers a speech during a campaign meeting, in Toulon, southern France
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, granddaughter of Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, and niece of Marine Le Pen was elected to the France Assemblée Nationale in 2012, at the age 22 (now 26), making her the youngest MP in France’s modern political history.

Marion holds a degree in public law from Panthéon-Assas University and won her election while a second year Sorbonne law student. She has been called the new girl wonder of the French far right. She presents as a glamorous 25-year-”old poised to break down many mainstream conservatives qualms about casting their vote for the Front National” the Telegraph has reported.

Although Marion is not an eloquent speaker, she has incorporated some of her legal training into her debate efforts acting cool and deliberate. She can sometimes take on senior politicians and make them sound old without sounding wiser. Her high heels, bare legs, perfect manicures and long flowing blonde hair offset her sometimes feminist views, a factor that continues to propel her upward in the minds of many French male voters.

About her personal life, she says “I’ve kept the life of a woman of 26, with all that implies, and most of all I have kept a lot of friends from outside politics. I don’t want that artificial life”, she told the guardian. Although, there is speculation that her marriage may be on the rocks.

Marechal-LePen is fond of President-elect, Donald Trump– “ “He’s a bit eccentric, and I don’t agree with everything he says, but I’m slightly astonished that Trump is presented as a madman and an idiot. He responds to people’s hopes, that man.”

Le Pen vows she is an active Catholic and has said that France is not an Islamic country and like Trump, opposes same-sex marriage, opposes cuts to family planning centers, favors strong restrictions on immigration admission policies and believes that Islamism “should not have the same public space as Catholicism in France.” She noted “we have traditions, cultural influences that are Christian. France is not an Islamic country, and Islam should not have the same place in public life.”

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  1. When is next election in France Bob? I understand that unpopular Socialist Hollande has announced he is not running. Is Marine Le Pen going to run? Populism and nationalism is currently spreading throughout Europe. It would be nice in my opinion to see a nationalist in the mode of a Charles De Gaulle become leader of France. Western civilization and European cultures have been threatened by globalization, liberal immigration policies, and European Union that takes away sovereignty. Return of the nation-state system in international relations generally, and in Europe specifically is a good thing in my view. The European Union experiment has been a failure and needs to be thrown into the trash bin of history like communism.

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