Martin Luther and President Trump Mastered Modern Messaging Tools

Johannes Gutenberg

The media has been religiously covering Donald Trump’s tweets almost on a daily basis. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. The two inventions have revolutionized the world. However, some people were quick to grasp the usefulness of the printing press and Twitter

.Martin Luther was one of the first people to utilize the printing press in a manner that enabled him to reach a mass audience and to call into question some of the basic tenets of Roman Catholicism. His followers soon left the Roman Catholic Church to begin the Protestant tradition.

“ Trump is the first politician who understood how to use a particular medium. In other words, he understood the functionality of Twitter and what it would do for him, enabling him to climb over the heads of mainstream media and all the rest of it. He became very adept at doing that,” John Naughton writes in “The Edge.”

Naughton opines. “that if Luther were around now, he would also be using Twitter.” We think he is right. Trump mastered the use of Twitter that keeps him connected to his broad base of supporters; he circumvents the mainstream media with his tweets that in turn causes almost daily coverage. It is a win-win scenario. Luther was able to capture his large audiences (and eventual base) by using the printing press; he used single sheets of paper expensive at the time) and folded them into four pages. The rest is history.

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