Perhaps I sometimes attempt to “unwound myself”, Donald Trump responded to Megyn Kelly when she asked whether he is ever injured by things people say about him– she was trying to tap into his emotional side. She brought up the premature death of his brother caused by alcohol abuse. Trump dodged the essence of the query saying that his brother’s alcoholism convinced him never to drink alcohol. Kelly politely moved on.

When the conversation turned to the August 6th, 2015 debate and Kelly’s questions about Trump’s history of berating and demeaning women, she asked if Trump thought the questions were fair. He responded saying she was making statements at the debate, not asking questions, but he didn’t blame her, she was just “doing her thing.” Kelly pulled a cute pouty sexual face and asked: “You seemed angry for months, was that real?” Well, “I don’t have to like [the questions], but he did consider her to be brave– especially when she came to the unneutral territory at Trump Towers.

Kelly appeared bemused when she asked whether Trump really did boycott Fox News, and became flushed when he responded “maybe a little.” She turned on the charm and reminded him that millions followed his every word and wondered if he assumed a particular responsibility for his legions. These people “take their cue from you”, do you think you should “change your tone”? Trump sidestepped and said he understood “the power of messaging” but he wouldn’t have come this far if he had been softer. I “have a big heart” and “absolutely I have some regrets”. It is unclear whether he lamented his brief estrangement from Kelly, or she hers, but the two smiled a lot at each other.


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