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Megyn Kelly is lightening up on her attacks on Donald Trump these days. Her decision to meet the presumed Republican Presidential candidate for an interview at Trump Towers took daringness. The interview, “Megan Kelly Presents” airs next week on FOX Television (Not FOX NEWS). She recently had Eric Trump on her show and allowed him to praise his father’s kindness  and great fathership without interruption. Eric fondly talked about how his dad let him sit on a bulldozer on demolition sites and smash into buildings and fences. A few weeks ago, Kelly would not have permitted such a plenary accounting of Trump, she would have interposed critical assessments. 

Kelly has also started to air a few of Trump’s more radical ideas with a sense of openness and inclusiveness. She had Rula Jebreal, author of “Miral” on her show and talked about Trump’s potential plan to create a Commission to study radical Islam headed up by Giuliani. The idea is to address Trump’s proposal to block Muslims from entering the country. Jebreal wondered how would anyone know who was Muslim in the first instance– by the color of their skin, tone of their voice, she asked. She echoed the Democrat claim that Trump’s ideas fostered recruitment for the radical Islamists.

But Kelly also had Carl Higbie, a former Navy Seal and author of “Enemies Foreign”, on the show directly after Jebreal. Higbie is a huge supporter of Trump and said that he is the kind of person who sometimes makes broad assertions but then listens to advice and narrows them down. “He can adapt” Higbie said.

We like Kelly’s new fair and balanced approach and eagerly await her interview with Trump.

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