Megan Adamescu had her head bandaged after she suffered a concussion when she was punched in the head and kicked during a June 2013 arrest.

A Miami Beach Police officer was only suspended for 160 hours after slugging and kicking a handcuffed 29-year-old slightly built woman who was already wearing a large bandage for previous injuries. A video captures Det. Philippe Archer taking a full swing and kick at the hapless Megan Adamescu (29) as other officers looked on. He also failed to note the ugly incident in his report. According to a report in the Miami New Times, state and federal officials have declined to the prosecute the cop.

The video captures the incident that occurred nearly two years ago. A new police administration just recently initiated the suspension process.

COMMENT: Why was this officer/detective not charged with criminal assault in the state court, or some applicable offense in federal court? There simply has to more to the story. Regardless of her alleged acrimonious behavior before the incident, the video makes it clear that she was incapable of causing harm other than her vague attempt to kick outwards.

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