Marco Rubio upset a moderate Republican Senator in the Florida Republican primary in 2010. But he had the help of “forty-nine donors from the June 2010 Koch seminar”, Jane Mayer says in her new book, “Dark Money”. Truth be told, Rubio continues to have the support of the Super PACs created by these establishment conservatives. Rubio shares the views of these mostly men (a handful of women are included) and is enjoying their support in the current primary race between him and Donald Trump in Florida (Mainly through vicious attack ads put out by misleading entities operated by the donors or their designated mouthpieces), according to critics. Many Floridians are upset with Rubio because he campaigned for the Senate seat merely to use the office as a springboard for the Presidential race. He has missed numerous meetings and votes in the Senate, much to the detriment of the voters who supported him, his opponents say. 

Why are Miami voters upset with Rubio? In addition to missing numerous votes, while campaigning for President, he apparently misled the voters in 2010 by telling them that he was going to work actively hard in the Senate for these voters. He has not done that. He has also aligned himself with the donors who supported him in 2010, and now in this election. Who are these donor people? In her superbly documented book, Ms. Mayer endeavors to identify them, and expose their horrific intent to undermine the interests of citizens of Miami and elsewhere across the country. Primarily, the donors consist of very wealthy oil and finance entrepreneurs who have made billions on the backs of ordinary workers. For example, the Koch brothers, mainly Charles and David, own refineries, oil pipelines and numerous other entries that adversely affect the environment. The brothers depend upon their controlled candidates to vote against tax regulations, environmental regulations and other laws to maximize their profits. Other donors are described in the book. The donors clearly do not have the interests of Miami residents in mind when it comes to the environment. It appears that Rubio does not either, otherwise he would not agree to be controlled by the donors. He has chosen not to walk away from the “dark” money of the evil industrial billionaires. Miami and other Floridians are not happy with Rubio because he has been absent in the Senate and is taking money from these people. They feel he will likely be a puppet on a string for these rich men. On the other hand, Donald Trump is self-funding and is not controlled by these wealthy donors. He is getting the support of most Floridians because of this.

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