Michael Cohen’s Alleged Meet with a Russian Oligarch Sheds No Light on Trump/Russian Collusion

Charges against Cohen unlikely to pass ultimate Constitutional muster at the highest appellate level.

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Liberal commentators (Today on MSNBC) keep trying to link Trump to a Russian conspiracy to impact the 2016 election. The latest dribble points to Trump’s prior lawyer, Michael Cohen’s meeting with a Russian oligarch. The commentary crew opines that Trump must have known about the meeting. They also keep bringing up the meeting between Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer as proof ‘there must be something there.”

Even the liberal “news” peddler, “The Guardian” from across the pond, speculates: “But with prosecutors closing in on Cohen, his lifelong investment in Trump is beginning to look shaky. The question now is: will one of the president’s most devoted lieutenants decide, at some point, to cut his losses and cooperate with prosecutors investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia?”


Whether Cohen met with a “Russian Oligarch” sheds no light on the alleged ultimate claim of collusion between the President and the Russians. The liberal press refuses to accept the fact that there has never been any collusion. The majority of Americans are sick of Mueller’s fruitless witch hunt. The investigation should end now—too many hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted.

The Guardians groundless prediction that Cohen may snitch on the President is goofy for multiple reasons. First, there is zero evidence to conclude that Cohen has any relevant collusion evidence to provide. Second, the charges against Cohen brought as a result of the Mueller investigation are unlikely to survive constitutional muster at the highest appellate level.  Snitches only roll-over when they have something to fear or gain.  Cohen has neither.

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