Michael J. Fox and his battle with Parkinson’s Disease- May end his acting career

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Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox recently said that his Parkinson’s disease has made it much more difficult to remember his lines. Although the disease greatly affected his movement, Fox would continue to work as an actor in the years after that, but his roles are more limited these days due to his new memorization troubles.

In the past couple of years, Michael has fought a further health issue after a noncancerous tumor was found on his spine. Fox experienced pain throughout his body.

He underwent surgery. It took him four months to learn to walk again before he had a fall, which Michael described hAfter undergoing a successful operation. Fox began a four-month process in which he had to learn to walk again.

But not long after, Fox had a bad fall, which he has said: “was definitely my darkest moment.”

During that time, he said he found “optimism is really rooted in gratitude.”

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